Friday, February 8, 2013

That time I got called out on a face book yard sale group...

Story Friday!

So... my mom/sister introduced me to the world of Facebook virtual yard sales. Basically, people create groups for their area for people to sell stuff. I joined Wednesday night and posted a bunch of baby clothes and toys I don't want to keep.

And then this happened.

Seriously, E??? Let it go!

Was I in the wrong here? I mean, if I was using the wrong "protocol" I will be a big girl and admit that (even though I am not sure I am in the wrong here) BUT she would not let it go. I have already made a deal. I'm sorry it did not work out for you and I promise to do better next time BUT get over it!

And shortly after I copied this conversation she had the nerve to ask me when she would know if she could get it, since I let D have it first and she wanted to have it for her daughter's birthday party Sunday. I did not answer. 

AND THEN I am told to tag the group "administrator"...  To what? Make an executive decision? Put someone in time out? WTF?... 

OH GIRL writes this...

Well SNAP! You told me girl. You are so above wanting my Disney Princess Ball Pit now because you can go buy one for the same price!Shame on me!

All I have to say is BLESS YOUR HEART with the full intention behind that meaning!

Side note - my participation in the group is at the mercy of the administrator. My virtual yard sale days could be over before they even began.

Side note 2 - I don't care if I was wrong or not I am NOT meeting some mean crazy lady who starts crap on a facebook yard sale wall. That's how people get murdered. 


  1. Ugh! What a hot mess! I hope you "liked" her comment about going to buy a new one. This is why I don't do things like yard sales. Some people are so freaking aggressive! Makes me crazy!

  2. i have totally been in your shoes before. it is amazing what people will throw a ridiculous fit over. the rule we always use where i am from is to say "where are you located, i am interested" bc people get their panties in such a bunch otherwise. watch out for the crazies out there, girl!

  3. We have those here too and it's like people have NOTHING better to do all day! I am down for a good garage sale or a good deal. We have sold and bought a few things off these FB groups but some people are vicious if you don’t respond to them in 2.5 seconds!

  4. Um hello. Hot mess express, ticket for one. It's your damn ball pit you can give it to whoever you want! You should reply back to where she said she would go buy it & say "great! That solves the issue then it's going to Debbie! Everybody wins" Bitch.

  5. oh wow. "hot mess" obviously starts with an 'E'. that is just crazy!!

  6. Lol I'm dying laughing. I am on a couple here too, and some people are so freaking serious about it! Crazy I say, people need to relax...

  7. AHAHAHAHA! That last sentence cracked me up! I agree. And i think you should post that - "sorry lady, but b/c of your craziness i am not giving it to you even if the first one falls through. That's how people get murdered!" LOL!!!!

    I'm sorry that was funny. BUT you are right. She said "what location?". That's not saying she's interested. I would go w/ the first one who claimed it. Asking where is not claiming it!

  8. What a crazy story! Some people are interesting ...

  9. Wow. That is some intensity over a ball pit. We just sent our Disney princess ball pit to my moms. If E wasn't such a crazy pants I'd have said she could have ours :p