Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Update!

Get ready for a whole bunch of random! Mmmmkay? And if you follow me on instagram (mrsryan555) you’ve probably seen all of these photos!

Friday night Kendall and I went out with our main squeeze a.k.a. C-Ryan/daddy. Kendall was hilarious and I stuffed my face with BBQ! Kendall got to go to the kitchen and make her own ice cream. Oh to be two…


Saturday I was invited my my cousin Becca to go to a Zumbathon. What is a Zumbathon you ask? It’s 1.5 hours of grueling mamba/jazzercise exercise fundraiser to help a good cause. I sweat my bootie off and didn’t die. It was really fun!

After I got home and all pretty… we hit up the basketball game at Chris’s school. I was a complete b**ch during the first half. I hate crowds and it was hot. I’m such a turd. Then the second half got interesting because all the parents started getting all crazy. I can enjoy sports with my husband, it wasn’t that bad!

Future Charger?


VIRTUAL YARD SALE UPDATE – I’ve made $136 this weekend by selling stuff via facebook. I call the exchanges “drug deals”. No, it isn’t funny to joke about drugs, BUT that is exactly how it feels. You meet a stranger in a parking lot and give them loot for money.

I have to share this funny story about my brother. Hahaha I had Jimmy Johns Friday for lunch and my brother called me a hipster. I didn’t even know what a meme was or what YOLO meant until a few weeks ago. The only thing remotely hipster about me is that I have a twitter (shelliryan – follow me ya’ll) so I find this hilarious. I’m practically 30 people. No, I’m 27… I won’t be 30 for at least ten more years.

Anyways, we were hanging at my parents house and Amanda (my sister) got out her hipster glasses and David kept making hipster quotes. SO we made him into a meme. Meet Hipster Dave.



And THAT was our weekend!     


  1. looks like a great weekend! ice cream sounds really good right now!

  2. HAHA! I don't know what a hipster means lol....and I didn't know what YOLO meant until Hubby Jack had it in one of his posts one day!! haha! You're not alone! :)

  3. Glad your latest "drug deals" went better!

  4. I just found you on Instagram :) @shelleybells07

  5. Thanks to SNL YOLO to me now means "You Outta Watch Out". haha

  6. Jimmy Johns is hipster!? I thought it was the premiere food deliverer for drunk college kids (& me...still.)

  7. The first two pictures are so cute! I'm glad you had a good weekend!