Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's in a Name?


I thought it would be fun to link up (with My Very Own Modern Family) and write down why I chose Kendall's name.

I have loved the name Kendall FOREVER. The first time I ever heard the name was back in the day on a little show called Road Rules. Remember that?

It was the "Campus Crawl" season and there was this cute blonde named Kendal. She was dating another contestant on the show and I remember watching every week to watch their romance bloom.

So ever since my middle/high school days of road rules watching... I have admired the name.

I can't remember when I first started talking baby names to Chris. Even before we were engaged, we discussed having children, but I don't think I got all crazy obsessed with names until AFTER we were married.

Before I was pregnant, I kept AND STILL DO a list of potential Ryan baby names to use if we procreate again.

So that's where Kendall came from... no special meaning, family connections or logic... I just thought it had the right amount of cuteness and spunk. I can't imagine her having any other name!

Kendall Grace - her middle name is a whole other issue. I really wanted to name her Kendall Brooke. My middle name is Brooke and I thought it sounded really cute together. Chris was against using any part of our names and looking back I'm glad we chose Grace. If I had given her my middle name and we have another girl, my other daughter would feel slighted maybe not sharing a part of my name?

Oh well... hopefully in the distant future I will be discussing more names! :)