Monday, March 25, 2013

Chugga, Chugga, Choo Choo

This past weekend we went on a little family trip. My grandparents, mom & sister, my aunts, and cousins all went out of town. Chris and my dad didn't go. Womp. Womp. Baseball and work. Lame.
I was pretty excited about it being girl time for Kendall and I. :)

I took better pictures on my nice camera that I will share sometime, but I wanted to post about our trip so phone pics will have to do!

On our way - someone was super excited to see her cousin Caleb!

Rebecca, Amanda (my sister) and I hanging out by the hotel pool

The hotel arcade was a huge success - Kendall played for free and didn't even know it!

Kendall and Caleb =BFFS

On our way to the train ride!

My family ( minus my husband and dad) this was before my brother left on Saturday

We're on a train!

I had so much fun spending one-on-one time with my girl! It was a treat!

This morning when I put Kendall in the car to go to school she said, " where is caleb's seat?" haha

I was TIRED last night. Going out of town always wears me out. Plus eating a bunch of delicious junk food apparently makes me really tired too. We finished the weekend with laundry and Revenge!

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  1. My son keeps asking to ride a train. We live 2 hours from Chicago so there are lots of train stations around and every time we drive by one I get questioned on when we will get to ride one. We've decided that once the weather is nicer we will take a train into the city and spend the day walking around and going to a museum. I've heard that is a much better plan versus driving in the traffic plus paying outrageous parking fees.