Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kendall Lately

Kendall is really into playing lately. She has so much creativity. We have full blown tea parties and back stories for all our baby dolls and Barbie's at this point. Ha!

We are also at the stuffed animal naming stage.

Meet Ruff-Ruff


And we are going stir crazy being stuck inside all the time. When we get a flash of warm weather, we play outside!

DSC_0946 DSC_0949   

And we are enjoying all the space we have in the living room while we wait for new furniture. Just chilling, being Kendall!


Kendall is also all about picking out her hairbows, clothes, shoes, etc. I think it’s so cute and I don’t even care if her yellow bows don’t match her purple shoes. I’m proud she picked it out. :)


I feel liker her two’s are flying by. She is so smart and such a fun person to be around. Love, love, love her and this age!


  1. Its the best age EVER soak it up! she is way too cutttteee!!

  2. I can't wait until Em is old enough to play Barbies! :)