Monday, March 4, 2013

Let the Cleanse Begin!

Happy Cleanse day! I was excited all weekend for today. I will post all my meals the day after for anyone who cares or is interested in trying the cleanse. If you want to see my meals as I eat them look me up on instragram -mrsryan555. I really don't think it will be that terrible. I started eating better all last week and it's not so hard. I don't even miss french fries or bread because I feel so much better.

Moving on... Friday night I completed tagging and pricing all the clothes I'm selling for the consignment sale I participate in 2x a year. I don't have as much to sell as I did in the fall because I just keep way too much stuff! My mom and I are going to the presale tomorrow to shop for Kendall's spring and summer wardrobe. Woohoo!

After I dropped off everything on Saturday, I went to go see my friend Jacqueline's new house. Her and her fiance bought a foreclosure and it is starting to look so good! When I got home, Chris and Kendall were napping so I headed out the door again and went cleanse food shopping!

I also bought a new full length mirror for our bedroom. As soon as I clean the mess up that is our bedroom I will start posting OOTD's. Ha! Actually my wardrobe isn't too exciting so I probably will not post many outfits.

Here's a sneak peak of my snacks and lunch (in my new lunch box!) for cleanse Day 1. I will probably stray from the proposed menu plan because I love fruit more than vegetables. The point is to eat as clean as possible!
And because no post is ever complete without my precious Kendall. Here she is talking to her baby while sitting in Wilson's dog bed. Love catching her playing in these moments. :)

Any cleansers following? How is your day going?


  1. good luck witht eh cleanse! if I did it, I would replace a lot of the veggies for fruits too!:)
    what a sweetgirl! i love those moments too. she will make a great mommy someday!

  2. So far, so good, for me! The worst part is over, I think....teh dreaded fiber drink. I really didn't think it was all that bad. I wasted no time, I chugged it FAST! I am so glad we are doing this together! It's nice to have a group doing it, to keep you motivated.
    P.S. LOVE your blog! You are gorgeous girl!! xo, fattofit41

  3. Good luck!!! I can't wait to hear all about the cleanse and your results!

  4. Love the TP with your cleanse food. I know it's a gentle cleanse and all blah blah blah. But it still made me giggle!

  5. I am feeling great!!! How did your day end up??

  6. I hope it goes well!
    My daughter sits in dog beds all the time, too! ;)