Friday, March 29, 2013

Lists, Kendall-isms & Easter Festivities!

In some ways I am the complete opposite of my mother. Like the fact that I throw away receipts. But one thing I did inherit was her ability to makes LISTS for just about everything.

I make mental lists, physical lists, and lists on my ever so lovely NOTES app on my Iphone. Well... I am rubbing off on Kendall. I was explaining to her all the fun events for our weekend this morning and then she kept repeating them back to me. So sweet!
1. Friday - School Party
2. Saturday - Hunt Easter Eggs
3. Easter Service, See Caleb

She kept saying, " We gonna go to party, eat cookies and then see Caleb". Love that kid!

Anyhow... I got my hair done yesterday. If you follow me on instagram (I am addicted btw - username mrsryan555) you have probably seen majority of the following pictures.

Before - dull regrowth hair

After - BLONDE baby! It feels good to be back and have some color in my life! Bring on spring clothes!

I was able to have an hour of running errands at Target after my hair appointment. I managed to finish my easter basket shopping so that was nice.

Funny story: I was frying up some pork chops and burned my finger. Kendall brought me a band aid.  Seriously? I am totally bragging (and I always will) but she is so smart, kind, and sweet!

Kendall is so funny about time out. I guess she hears it a lot at school? Surely, not my precious angel! Well she was having trouble removing Barbie from her barbie car and that really made her mad. Once she freed her from the plastic seat belt she told Barbie, "that's bad, you go to to time out". Poor Barbie stayed there all night!

I had planned on dyeing eggs Saturday but after buying a kit from Target (and Kendall having seen said kit) we decided to dye them last night with the 10 eggs we had! Ha!

I am so excited for the weekend! Easter is one of my favorite holidays and it is such a special time for our family to get together. I wish everyone a Happy Easter!


  1. Kendall is such a sweet heart. I love your hair! Have a great Easter weekend!

  2. Lol barbie in time out is so funny!! And so cute about the bandaid!