Monday, April 1, 2013

Baseball, Furniture, Easter Sunday. and CARDINALS!

Friday night Kendall and I went to our first baseball game of the season. Unfortunately, it was also their first loss. I guess I'm a bad luck charm, no?

Saturday night Kendall let me pull curlers in her hair! She was so sweet about getting dolled up. I gave her a mani/pedi too.

AND earlier that day we got some new furniture. I will take more pictures later. The room is nowhere near done but I'm happy to have new seating finally!

I don't really play up the Easter bunny with Kendall. I mean sure she gets an Easter basket (below) but I don't ever want that to be the focus for Easter.

After church we had Easter lunch and my parents which is ever so convenient across the street. 
K & C played and had a good time. They are seriously so cute. 

And here is my sweet family. :)

I took so many pictures but I just get tired of recapping everything, haha!

AND if you are a sports fan... My alumni the LOUISVILLE CARDINALS are headed to the final four! 
And their women's team had a big upset yesterday too! Happy APRIL 1st!


  1. Aww I love the curlers!! I had a ton of pics over the weekend too...I chose some of the best and still posted about 10! oh makes it an easy read right?? haha. Love your family pic!!

  2. She is seriously a doll! I love the curlers in her hair and I love her easter dress so cute! :) Hope you guys had a great easter :)

  3. Too bad about their player getting hurt so bad!!! I watched the video on YouTube, nasty!

    OMG, I just adore that sweet little girl of yours, and you too! Her dress is so perfect! Exactly what I would have picked out. Where did you get it?

    No way you're bad luck! You're too pretty and sweet for that!

  4. Such a great family photo.

    We are not big on the Easter "bunny" of the holiday but what the holiday is!

  5. I am losing 50 dollars thanks to your cards. Its like you are sucking money out of me. Diet bet now this. Dang girl.

    I agree abotu focusing on Jesus over the bunny, we do both. it gets easier as they get older!

  6. She looked so cute on Easter!
    Love the new furniture. It looks very comfy!