Monday, April 29, 2013


For some reason this weekend I was itching to relive the past. Also known as searching my face book wall from years past. That is the great thing about face book, it holds a lot of memories for you and for me when face book started it was at a very social part of my life. Anyway, it made me really sad.

Not in a depressing mood sad, just a regretful sad. I have lost touch with a lot of people over the years.

I truly believe friends are like seasons. I think people come and go in our lives for a purpose. Some friendships last a lifetime and some are just there during certain periods of our lives.

I am very fortunate to have always been surrounded by great friends. I would love to catch up with so many people and I truly regret going on a “delete face book friends” rampage once when I was in a mood in 2007. Do you know how many people I would love to stalk but I deleted? I’m so silly.

I don’t look back at missed friendships with overwhelmed regret because clearly we are all blessed now, I just wish I would have kept friendships and connections with others when I was too busy being obsessed with my boyfriend, now husband. Does that make sense? I guess in hindsight I know he wasn’t going anywhere, but if I had known it back in 2006-07 I might have spent more time with my friends.

I think this concept holds true in my present life. Sometimes I don’t put fourth the effort with friends. I can be really guarded and so easily pass people up because I’m so focused on my family and my own agenda. I hope I can do better and be a more selfless friend.


  1. This is a great post. I feel the same way in some aspects. I recently had an old friend come out of the dark and apologize for being so wrapped up in her now husband that she threw me away like trash. Once she apologized and felt better she stopped making an effort to build the friendship up that she said she missed. I am still confused about it, but I always have been by her actions. Ha ha I also find myself so invested in my family that everything else is on the back burner. I don't see it as a bad thing now, but I feel like those that have been there for me I still take the time to be there for them. Then again, I am not sure what my friends would say about me though, ha ha

  2. You should send out friend requests for those you deleted and want to stalk again! No shame in that!

    And I hear you about spending 'too much' time w/ the boyfriend and not enough w/ the friends. I'm very guilty of that from when I was 16 to about 24. I wasn't afraid of losing Andy, just wanted to spend every second of ever day w/ him, and still do! But I know I need some 'me' time so try to get together w/ my friends every so often.

    Great post!

  3. Great post Shelli. I just deleted even more of my 'friends' on there. Yes, we had a relationship at one point in time, but if I haven't seen you in over a decade, there's no need to stay connected so you can creep at pictures of my adorable son. :) Anyway, I love the seasonality thing with friendships. I've learned that a lot living up here in Ohio and it's quite funny to see who I've become close with and who I never really did. :)

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  4. I think everyone goes through those waves of time. It's ok to look back to remember where we've been. It's equally important to look forward and be thankful for what we currently have! :)