Thursday, April 4, 2013

Purse Party


Linking up with some of my favorite ladies for a purse party today. I have been really picky lately about linkups. I want to make sure they connect with my life at this moment in time because the main purpose of this blog is to be a journal of my life and my family's life. 

I feel like a purse link up is fitting because I want to look back and see what I carried around when I was 27 and a mom to a two year old.

Honestly, I only carry a purse Monday-Friday. Friday when I get home from work I usually toss my phone, keys, lip gloss, and wallet into Kendall's Dora backpack. Ain't nobody got time to keep up with 2 bags!

Currently I am carrying this number...

I think I paid $15 for it at the JCPenny outlet. Ha! I don't buy expensive, designer things. I think Coach purses are hideous and I personally cannot justify spending over $40-$50 on a purse. Sorry, not sorry.

I do like big purses because I carry a lot of crap.

Peek inside of my messy bag... see the ink pen marks by the zipper. Ha!

Contents Include:
- Insurance papers (shopping home/auto rates this week)
- ISpy book from K's Chic Fil A kids meal
- kleenex
- sunglasses
- external hard drive backup for work
- coupon peeler thing
- hair appointment reminder
- small purple thing of bubbles
- no less than 6 lip products... what can I say? They are my best facial feature!
- keys
- anti bacterial gel
- wallet

Not very exciting. I know. I just changed purses a week ago so all the random stuff has been tossed. Typically, I have a diaper, some restaurant crayons, hair holders, and other random items in tow. 

There you have it! My Mon-Fri purse! Go link up with Erin & Mel to see more purses!


  1. Oh I'm totally the same way... more often than not, I just carry my wallet, sunglasses, phone and keys in my hand... I don't know why I think that's easier than carrying a bag but apparently it is! If my kids were still young enough for me to be carrying a bag around for them I'd totally stash my stuff in there!

  2. I spy Baby Lips lip gloss -- obsessed with that stuff! Your bag is super cute, by the way! :)

    -- Emily @

  3. I don't buy expensive purses either!

  4. I love that bag :) And I usually throw my necessities into a wristlet for the weekend, since I usually only go out to a bar or a quick run to the grocery store :)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  5. I'm w/ you on not spending a ton of money on purses!!! My Kohl's purse is the most I've ever spent on a purse, EVER!!! And it was only around $25-$30! If I ever own a Coach purse it's because it was a gift or I found it at a garage sale for super cheap! And I don't even know that I like them that well, so it'd have to be pretty darn amazing at that!

    Give me a week and I bet my purse is full of receipts, more lip goo, hand sanitizer and what ever other randomness I drop in there! They don't stay clean and organized for long!

  6. I feel the same way about dropping big bucks (Especially since my sons chewed up oreos will be in it) on bags! As well as the Coach Bags I just don't get it. Super cute bag!

  7. I can relate about not wanting expensive purses. I get tired of them and once I switch, I never want to use my old ones again, so it makes sense not to spend a lot of money on them.

  8. lol i love that you have an external hard drive chilling in there!