Thursday, April 11, 2013


Apparently, unless you do not check facebook or instagram (what do you do?), then you have seen people posting about National Siblings Day. I'm not really sure if it was yesterday or today, or if it is even a real thing, but I wanted to talk about it. Obviously.

(I'm guessing I was 8 almost 9, David 5 or 6 and Amanda almost 1 - mom?)

Since we are on the verge of possibly adding to our family in the near future, I am getting really excited for Kendall. I can write a whole other post about my reservations about ruining her life and I will at some point, but truly I think gifting her a built in playmate is the best thing we can do as parents.

Siblings are the only people in the entire world who grew up the exact same way you did. They are the only people with whom you can laugh about disastrous family vacations and the funny things your dad used to say. Good or bad, you spent your childhood with your siblings and can reflect on those memories with them.

I am very fortunate to have the best of both worlds. I have a brother and a sister. We fought like cats and dogs growing up (and still do) and loved each other twenty minutes later. We have inside jokes that most people wouldn't get and poke fun at one another any chance we get.

First up... only a mere 3.5ish years younger than yours truly is my little (tall!) brother David. David and I like to enjoy stuffing our faces with food and then complaining about how miserable we are afterwards. In fact, tomorrow I will be treating him to a pizza buffet tomorrow (his bracket beat mine) and we will do just that.

(via David's fb - isn't this great?)

(2009 Ugly Sweater party)

David and I have so many jokes and things I can't even remember them all. Even though he is grown and wants to be a cop one day... I will always see him as that little blonde boy who BEGGED to sit on the couch with me while we watched Unsolved Mysteries home alone in the summers. But I was a good big sister. One time at summer day camp a kid took David's dollar and I ended up in time out because I defended his honor trying to get it back by bullying the kid.

(our 2010 Nashville siblings trip - I was 8-10 weeks prego)

AST Christmas party 2009

David was the Best Man at our wedding and it was really special having him a part of this day!

 I love that my husband and brother get along. They play softball together and sometimes golf. My brother can truly get a long with anyone, even my UK-loving obnoxious husband. :)

Next up... the third child! Ha! The sassy, defiant Miss Amanda Jo. From the time she was born, she had us all on our toes. Girlfriend would throw down fits like nobody's business and more than likely we complied to keep peace.

She also had a way of embarrassing the crap out of me. Hello younger sister who won't keep clothes on when I bring a boyfriend over!!! Oh well, I guess she knew we wouldn't work out!

Amanda and I are 8 years a part by 2 days. Looking back I wish I had been easier on her growing up. She was younger and so impressionable and I was a teenager who was dramatic and wanted to be left alone. I hope I am making up for it now because I let her do cool things with me all the time. :)

(night of my rehearsal dinner)

My sister is so special to me and she is a miraculous person! She is so smart and a great writer. She has had a lot of adversity in life but you would never know it because she handles things so well. 

If you saw Amanda and I hanging out you wouldn't even know we are 8 years a part. I don't know if that says more about me or her. Probably her. Ha! We like to watch crap tv and eat and gossip. 

Amanda was in my wedding too! 

And if you're lucky like me, your siblings will become wonderful aunts and uncles. Kendall LOVES her Uncle David and Aunt Manda. :)

They loved her before she was even born!

So there you go! In a nutshell these two are my partners in crime! I will have their backs forever and I know they will always be there for me too! 


  1. Having a sibling is such a joy. I have a little brother and love him to pieces like you do yours. Wish I had a sister though! Kinda jealous haha.
    Oh, and my brother and I are totally going to a pizza buffet tomorrow too!

  2. I have a sister who is 2 years younger than me and a brother who is 7 years younger than me. I'm incredibly close with both of them.
    When we started trying to have a baby I was worried that the age gap between Noah and his unborn sibling would be a big deal. Now that I really think about it Noah will be almost exactly 7 years older than his brother/sister. It will be like me and my brother. =)
    I'm excited to meet the new baby but I am even MORE excited for Noah to meet him/her. I will be a mess of happy tears.

    Siblings are the best!

  3. Isn't it funny how you see your siblings frozen at a certain age. I am pretty sure my brother is like 10, and there is no way he can be married with a baby :)