Monday, April 15, 2013

Thoughts From A Coach's Wife

It is no secret around here that my husband coaches high school baseball. Heck, I named my blog after him! Year round (no, not just during baseball season) my husband dedicates his time and energy making a difference in young athletes. He gets paid MINIMAL to do this and he would do it for free.

I bitch about him being gone and nag about who knows what like any other wife because of it, BUT at the end of the day I love that it makes him so happy. Kendall and I attended a pre-season cookout for his team this year and not one, but TWO parents came up and thanked me for allowing Chris to sacrifice his time with his family to be their sons coach. That is what it is all about.

So I saw this picture on Facebook today and wanted to share my thoughts.

Let me preface this by saying I did not grow up in a sports family. I never played competitive sports and the extent of my siblings' involvement in sports were a few church rec leagues of softball/tee-ball. So what I am about to say is from an outsider. I do not have kids that play sports. I have never played sports. But I do have a husband that coaches and sees EVERYTHING.

1. These are KIDS
Calm down Parents. Let your son have fun. Chill out. This is something that makes him happy so just shut up and let your kid be happy.

2. It's not the end of the world
It's a GAME!!! There is a winner and a loser. Don't let it ruin your day and more importantly your son's day. So what if he isn't playing his best or hitting correctly, it's a game people! Sometimes I honestly wish parents had a soundproof wall between the bleachers and the field. They could watch and yell as much as they want and the players/coaches/umpires can't hear them.

3. Like I mentioned before, my husband gets paid pennies for his involvement. He does it because he loves coaching kids and he loves baseball. Stop calling him all the time to talk about your son's playing time. Do not call him at home. Geez! Do not talk to him for half an hour after the game. He has a family too and more than likely a cold dinner waiting for him.

4. I wish Umpires would throw more parents out of the stands. That is all.

5. This is high school baseball. Not to be Negative Nancy, but the likelihood of your son making the pros is slim. So let him be a high school baseball star and enjoy every minute in a positive way. Be apart of the experience as his cheerleader but not as his coach too. That is what my husband is there for. :)


  1. Coming from a baseball/softball family, I appreciate this post and definitely agree with you on number 4.

  2. I could not agree more!
    some sport parents can be so sickening!

  3. Awe! I totally agree with this! I played super competitive sports growing up and not once were my parents like this thank goodness. I don't know how many times my mom had to pull me aside to calm down and still act like a lady! Too many parents try to live through their kids, and it only hurts them in the long run.

  4. I am SO glad you posted this and I hope some parents see it and abide! Nothing irritates me more than erratic parents acting a fool! People for some reason forget that it's JUST a game, they are ONLY KIDS and that teaching good sportsmanship starts with the parents. GREAT POST!!!

  5. I have mad appreciation for this post!
    As stated before, from one coach's wife to another - You.Are.Awesome.
    Sometimes its hard for people to grasp the concept that (most of the time) its just a game.
    That is all :)

  6. I. LOVE. THIS.
    I change baseball to football and this is my life. Thanks for posting this!

  7. This is a great post! My son is 8 and plays baseball and the parents are sooooo uptight!