Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thyroid Update & Weigh In Wednesday

Yesterday afternoon I had my follow up appoint with my Endo since starting hormone replacement therapy in February. I am happy to report that my thyroid levels were perfect. I got the green light to do some baby making but I still feel like that's a few months off. Either way, I am happy everything is working.

I can tell a huge difference in my energy and I just feel more like myself these days. :)

I wasn’t going to link with weigh in Wednesday at first because I have been binge eating the last few days and I knew I’d gained. However, I decided I needed some accountability to get the number back down.

162 (ouch ) up like 1.6 or something from last week

I hit 160.0 this weekend and then we celebrated my brother’s birthday Sunday and I ate everything I could get my hands on Monday and Tuesday. So it could be worse. I’m back at tracking calories and exercising today in hopes to keep moving right along. I really think it is SO TRUE that the last 10-15 pounds is the hardest. Luckily, that’s really all I want to lose but it’s going to take some discipline on my part or it won’t happen.


  1. Can I have some dicipline when you find it? Glad you got good dr results lady!

  2. So glad your results were good and that you are feeling better!!! And you're going to spank those last few pounds, I know it!!

  3. You got this keep up the good work, it will definitely show :)

  4. I'm SO happy for you with the thyroid levels!!! That is wonderful news. I have no doubt you'll lose those 10-15 lbs - you can do it!

    Baby making time is a comin'! :)