Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

I had a non scale victory picture I planned on sharing today but I forgot to email it to myself at work. Bummer.
It's a picture Chris took of Kendall and I playing the backyard Saturday night. In the picture I can see vast improvement in my backside and thighs. I can really tell how all these lunges and squats in JM's Ripped in 30 dvd are starting to slim my body down. Holla!


-1.34 loss from 2 weeks ago
I would love to sit here and say that I've been working my butt off to get out of the 160s but I won't lie. I enjoyed reese eggs and chocolate bunnies all weekend and I've had an ice cream cone the last two nights before bed. HA! I am lucky to be maintaining right now so I will take it.

 I had every intention of winning Erin's diet bet so unless the scale reads 157.6 tomorrow morning ... I didn't.

Let's talk motivation.

  • 1 month until I will be wearing a swimsuit for swim lessons with Kendall
  • 2 months until I will be wearing a swimsuit for our family vacation in June
  • Hopefully we will start babymaking later this year
Ultimately I'd like to get down to the 145 area before I see a positive pregnancy test. Haha that would be 20 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with Kendall.  I feel like that's a very healthy and realistic weight for me. I've been there before and it was when I was most comfortable with my body BUT I wasn't FIT then. I weighed 145 because I was 20, in love, and very active with my life at the time. I did not work out.

If I only make it to 155 but I have a rocking body, I'll take it. I'd much rather be fit and toned then see a desired number on the scale. However, I would like to wear a size 8 or below pants and I know exercise is going to get me there.

So I plan on participating in WIW's but I am going to try really hard to focus my efforts on counting calories and exercising instead of letting that scale dictate how I feel about my body. 



  1. We have a family vacation in July and I'm dreading wearing a swimsuit! I just started crossfit so I know my numbers on the scale are going to fluctuate because of building muscle, I think I need to ditch the scale for awhile...

  2. I had every intention of winning that diet bet too but i don't think it will be happening...I guess someone will be enjoying our money!

  3. That is exactly how I feel too. I think it's much more important to be fit and healthy than to be a certain size or number! Good job!

  4. yay for ripped in 30! YOu may not win the diet bet but you'll make it your goal weight just keep going! And then you can make another beautiful baby :)

  5. Exciting things in your future!! Can't wait to read more! Keep on keepin' on! If you've lost weight AND had ice cream, you're doing something right!

  6. You have things figured out I think! Next week you'll be seeing the 150's!!! Way to go, girl!

  7. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can check out my post at .

  8. Yes! Feeling fit & toned & confident are SO MUCH more important than a stupid ##!! good luck!

  9. Send some of that workout motivation over here!! :) Great job, glad you are seeing results! That's always a great feeling!

  10. We live in vacation central with the beach less than 2.0 miles away and I have never had what I consider a bikini body so I'm itching for one bad! Love the countdown idea...I don't have anything to countdown to except a bachelorette party in September, lol. I need to try JM again...only did the first half of the video last time right before bed and I was so sore for the next couple days! Good luck!

  11. I know this post was almost a week ago but I'm still catching up : ) But I am totally with you on losing weight before babymaking. When people ask when we are going to have #2 I currently say after about 10-15 more pounds. My first pregrancy was fine but I just want my next to be healthier and I never want to see 200+ again (pregnant or not).