Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yearbook Linkup

Before the fun of making fun of my past school pictures begins, I have to mention what happened yesterday. Incidents like this leave me with such a numb feeling. I am horrified and shocked that people are capable of hurting others. It makes me sad that I will raise children in the same world with so much evil.
However, what has me the most emotional about the Boston Marathon tragedy is the love of strangers. Looking at pictures of strangers helping strangers and all the Boston residents offering shelter and food to runners who are displaced is amazing. It shows me that even when we cannot explain how terrible things can happen, there is still beauty in the world. My thoughts and prayers are with all those people affected by this senseless tragedy and the city of Boston.

 I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit Boston in 2008 and it is one of the most beautiful, historic places I've been in the U.S. Now I know it is also a city of heroes. (picture I took of downtown Boston from JFK library/museum on my visit)


School pictures started out good for me. 

I was a cute little kid. I was skinny, tanned well, and had beautiful blonde curls. 

Then I got a little homely... cute dress Shell, but lose the scrunchie.

And I started dressing myself in my dad's clothes apparently and not brushing my hair. 

Then puberty happened. Hello puffy cheeks, hello period, and hello boobies. EEEK! This is from my sixth grade yearbook! I wanted to find my 7th grade yearbook picture so bad but my mean husband wouldn't get it down from the garage attic. Let's just say I was wearing one of those khaki fisherman hats!

9th grade HEAD SHOTS 
OMG I can't believe I am sharing this one. I went to a youth performing arts high school and they had a "professional" photographer come in to do head shots. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It's all wrong. I wore a turtleneck. I was puberty fat. My hair was gross and I can remember the photographer assistant spraying my hair with water and combing my curls. You don't comb out dry curls. So awful. Ha!

By Junior/Senior year my luck started turning around but my fashion sense and love for wearing hats did not. Am I a cowgirl? No. Did I purchase said hat on my family vacation to Panama City because everyone was wearing them?Yes. 

See 5-9th grade Shelli... there was hope. You lost your way for a little while and then you discovered a flat iron. Good for you!


  1. Your descriptions crack me up, but you were NEVER homely! Always a beauty! Fun link up!

  2. OMG the hats! So freaking funny! Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Man! I wish your hubby would get that pic with the fisherman hat out for you! LOL!

  4. I hope that fisherman hat pic makes an appearance soon. And THANK GOD for flat irons coming into the world! Those bows and scrunchies were great too though!

  5. The cowboy hat!! I just laughed out loud. :)

  6. Lol yeeehawwwwwwwwww hahaha thanks for linking up shellliiiiiiiii