Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Awkward Date Link Up

Oh this is so much fun!!!

Linking up with Jenn & Val for this lovely linkup today.


I had my first date and awkward first kiss in a movie theater when I was fifteen and I met my husband, with whom I am still married,  at the ripe age of 20.5 years old. So my dating years were really a flash in the
pan. Although short, those years were not short on excitement. I had my share of awkward date moments, boys who broke my heart and never called, and I might have broken a few hearts myself via a phone call.

I think it would be sad if I just shared one little awkward story so I will preface my awkward date with some funny moments throughout my dating history.

  • That time you receive flowers on a first date. This is so awkward. I mean I appreciate the gesture, but what the crap do I do with flowers when I'm ready to leave? Like when your 15 year old boyfriend is picking you up (ok his mom driving their family mini van is picking you up) and hands you flowers. Do I go ask my mom for a vase?? Or that time when a guy is picking you up at your dorm and brings you flowers. Do I just lay them in the floor of the car? I didn't pack a vase to go to college. 
  • That time you pick up your 11th grade boyfriend in your car. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to be picked up or meet my date at the restaurant. Do you want me to pay for the movie too? I'm glad I dated you for 3 months and then cried for two weeks straight when you broke up with me. I should have known what was going to happen when I had to pick your ass up to go to the movie. Ha!
  • That time your date hits a bunny rabbit while you're driving. This was on my first date with my now HUSBAND Chris. We went to dinner and then were driving around for some reason to kill time before I had to go to work (I worked nights and had to be there at 10pm) and he had a harmless animal. 
I could talk all day about my dating adventures but I must end with the grand finale. This wasn't really a date but it's a funny story. 

I was a freshman (19 yrs old) in college at NKU (2 hours from home) and it was Christmas break. I had been dating this total sleaze ball. (He really was a whore, found this out later) Anyway, this was one of those relationships with all the RED flags. It took him forever to commit (obviously) but when he did it was like 110%. Like, he had already confessed that he was in love with me, blah, blah, blah. We even built a BUILD A BEAR together. Yes, he took me to the mall and made me a bear with a tuxedo. 
So I am at home for Christmas break and it's the day before my birthday (my bday is Dec. 22) and my boyfriend misses me. My bff at the time Liz calls me and tells me to meet her at the lake in my neighborhood. I had a feeling something was up, but I'm too blonde to really put much thought into it.
Well... I drive up in my little suzuki suv and sure enough my boyfriend is sitting on the swings at the playground lake, with his guitar, and the damn BUILD A BEAR he made me and some roses. 
Instead of saying hi or hugging or kissing me... he proceeds to play me a song that he wrote about me. 
Maybe some girls would find this gesture romantic, I was mortified. What if my neighbors see this? This song is so damn cheesy. I smiled and said thank you. He has the nerve to say, " I thought you would have cried". Yeah, buddy, I want to cry but not because you wrote me a song. Because you look like a damn fool sitting on a playground with your guitar and a BUILD A BEAR!

And the BEST part was that he had typed up said song and framed it for me. I WISH EVERY DAY that I had kept that framed song. Seriously, I would love to mount that baby on the wall. Hahaha

Long story short, he broke up with me the next week. "God wanted him to be single right now and focus on Him" AKA "I'm back with my exgirlfriend". Oh... young love!

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  1. Amazing story!!! I am the same way about being serenaded. It is the worst! Not romantic at all! The Build a Bear is killing me! Thanks for linking up!

  2. That story is hilarious.. I'm so getting my husband a build a bear for Father's Day so I can laugh! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  3. I love the "God told me to break your heart" excuse. Thanks for bringing the big guy into this! Haha

  4. Oh my god wow! I would have been mortified too! I "talked" to a guy veryyy briefly during my church years who after knowing each other a total of 5 mins told me God was telling him we should be together. I was super creeped out and his making me listen to his preaching (on tape) didn't help. It was all an act and I saw right through it. barf.

  5. OMG, that story is an instant classic! Ha ha ha!!!