Friday, May 3, 2013

Best Moments this week

Hey Blog! You know life is good when you don't have time to blog. Am I right? Actually, I have been busy watching Mad Men and NOT studying for my Praxis PLT I have to pass next Friday.

In other news...
Oh yeah, I'm rocking the lady guns now. Now I just need to get rid of the lower flabby part. Patience and discipline child... it will come.

This Girl.

She is the BEST. Girlfriend ran around my back yard with me last night and tells me I'm pretty all the time. I love her to pieces. I have been on break from classes this week so every evening it's been K & S. 
My Marilyn Monroe swimsuit came in!

And I just posted a picture of my white, 160 pound body in it. Oh well! I am thoroughly pleased with the look and quality of this suit. I am very concerned I will sport a camel toe and I may pull up the shorts for a more classic look... BUT my butt looks awesome in it. Retro styles really flatter my curvy figure and it hides some of my problem areas. You can find swimsuit HERE.

And for those of you not in Louisville, KY this weekend...
HAPPY DERBY from Kendall!
Here she is sporting her derby hat she made at school. 


  1. I LOVE that swimsuit! It looks really cute on you. Landon is always playing his sunglasses and putting them on upside as well. She is a doll!

  2. Love the swimsuit! It really does look FAB! And your girl? Ohmagosh! SO CUTE!


  3. Adorable swimsuit! Way to go making those guns! You look great.

  4. Cute swimsuit! Work it! I know about the whole flabby on the lower portion of the arm all too well.