Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blue Barbie Adventures

If you follow me on Instagram (mrsryan555) then you saw this picture I posted of my street. I've started walking down this big hill a few times a week and I take K with me.

It is like ALL incline and is no easy task pushing a thirty pounds in a stroller. :) But it is an excellent calf workout and Kendall gets to say Hi to all our neighbors' dogs. Win, win.
Anyhow, a few people pointed out Kendall's Barbie, or "blue barbie" as we refer to her in the Ryan household, in the picture.

I think Kendall likes her so much because she looks like her. She has brown hair and wears a tutu. Kendall has brown hair and is always wearing a dress. Why did I even buy her shorts and tee shirts this year? She wants nothing to do with anything that doesn't resemble a "princess, and by princess I mean anything with a ruffle, sequin, skirt, etc.

Blue Barbie rides with us to school and then Kendall spends about five minutes securing her into her car seat  I do not allow BB to go into school because let's face it... hair bows don't come out of daycare so you know someone will be stuffing BB into their backpack. And I can't deal with someone stealing my child's beloved possessions at this age.

She sleeps with BB now too. Chris came waltzing into the the office the other night asking where BB was? He thought she was just making something up to avoid bed! Nope, BB is real Chris.



  1. Aww, perfect memory to re-read 10, 20 years from now!

  2. that is so cute!
    my daughter likes to take GI Joe to bed with her... hope she outgrows that ;)

  3. How sweet! Love when they get attached to a toy!

  4. She's adorable! Cooper has a teddy bear that he has to take everywhere and we have to secure him in the car seat too. Crazy cute kids!

  5. Precious! She's too darn cute!