Monday, May 6, 2013

Kendall's 1st Circus

I can't remember if I blogged about our trip to the circus or not, so if I did just pretend I'm not losing my mind.

2 weeks or so ago a friend of mine posted that a radio station was giving out circus tickets not far from my house at a used car lot. I contemplated going and then felt really silly hanging out at a car lot with my toddler but we won 4 tickets to the circus!

This is the photo the radio station put on their Facebook. Kendall had so much fun at the car lot and cried when we left. Who knew?

Fast forward 2-3 days later and it was Thursday, the day of the circus! Chris had baseball practice and a parent meeting so he was going to meet us a little after the show started.
I was silly and nervous about driving and parking downtown with Kendall by myself but it all worked out. I don't really mind the driving but carrying a 30 pound toddler 3 city blocks is a workout!
Here is K in front of a cardinal bird at the YUM center. National Champs baby!

I paid $12 for the hat and cotton candy combo. Worth every penny! Look how happy she is!!

A family of four asked if I would take their picture and then they would take ours. So here we are :) ha!

When we got to our seats Kendall saw all the preshow festivities and had to be apart of it. I was breaking a sweat by this point. I don't know how single moms pull this kind of outing off!

And waiting for the show... We purchased a light up necklace because she just had to have it!

And then it began. I truly think the circus is great for all ages. I was equally amazed as Kendall with all the sights and animals!

And then Daddy came! Yay! He arrived just in time to get us some more refreshments. Ha! Who can pass up roasted nuts?

Human canon

YouTube Video

My little circus superstar - this pictures makes me smile. I truly understand why parents go to great lengths for these kinds of adventures and experiences for their kids! I loved seeing her excitement more than my own and living it with her!


I have a new respect for elephants. Riding one is on my bucket list. They were so good! I loved watching them perform!

And then it was time to go. I snapped this cute pic of daddy and his girl walking through the crowd. We found my car and then drive to Chris's car. Surprisingly, Kendall talked the whole way home about the circus.

The circus is definitely something we will try and do every year. It was great. And it was even better having the opportunity to go for free! Woohoo!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Glad y'all had a blast. Her little smile is adorable.

  2. That is so funny that you posted about this today! We took my nephew to the circus on Sunday {I posted about it yesterday}. The elephants are my favorite part too :)

  3. So cool! Looks like she had fun (and you guys too!)