Monday, May 13, 2013

Making Money Monday: Selling on FB yard sale groups

Prepare to have your mind blown. Facebook Yard Sales are the best things ever. Basically, it's like the same thing as craigslist but easier and more visual.

All you have to do is search and see if your neighborhood or city already has some kind of yard sale group. I am a member of 4. The one shown below is the biggest one in my city, but I am also a member of specific area yard sales that are in my general vicinity.

I had to request membership, but other groups may be different. If your city or town doesn't have a yard sale group, maybe you could make one! It's run by normal people and there are usually some rules.

So here is what the screen looks like from my phone. People are posting a listing like every 10 seconds on here and you just scroll.
The ettiquette for this particular yard sale group is that you write "interested" if you wish to buy the item and then arrange meeting details with the seller.

Here is an example of something I would list. I post a picture (always) on the group wall. I state what the item is, the size if its clothing, price and I state where I meet. I will meet people at 2 different places within a few miles from my home. As the seller I get to mandate that.

A few pointers...
Unless you need to pick a large item up, meet the buyer/seller in a PUBLIC place. I meet people in Target/Wal-Mart/Kroger parking lots.

Similar to eBay, post your items when people are more likely to be on facebook. In the evenings or on weekends.

When someone write they are interested on my listing, I tag them in a comment telling them when I am available to meet in the next few days. You can also PM (private message) them meetup details. Facebook will typically send the conversation to the OTHER folder in your inbox since you are not friends with this person. Weird, I know. I didn't even know I had an OTHER folder until I started selling on here. You may not be able to access the other folder from your iPhone FB app, I usually have to pull up the full site version in Safari or use a computer version. 

Be careful about:

-Meeting strangers, I always let someone know (my husband, mom, sister) that I am meeting someone
- Going to someone's house, I went with my mom one time to pick something up she bought, there is safety in numbers
- BE ready for DRAMA! You can read about one of my first drama experiences here. 

Happy Shopping & Selling! If you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer or give advice!


  1. We have one of those here and I LOVE IT! <3


  2. Good tips! I've sold on our local one a couple of times before, it's so dang easy! Glad someone thought of these!