Monday, May 20, 2013

Starting to feel like Summer!

I will not apologize for my lack of posting as the weather gets warmer. There is nothing better than doing things outside and just being in the moment with my family! I will not apologize for lack of nice photos either, it's so much easier to snap picks from my phone.

Friday morning Kendall and I started a new ritual! The donut shop! I took K late into school so we could have a breakfast date at our neighborhood donut shop. She loved it and you know I loved it too!

We had a rainy Friday night so us girls decided against going to Chris's baseball game. Instead we had a dinner date at Zaxby's and shopped at Kohls. :) Kendall doesn't like to sit in carts anymore so below is a picture of my child riding on the front of the kohls cart. Ha! I'm that mom.

Our evening ended with our favorite FROYO place with Papa!

Saturday I had a HUGE FACEBOOK YARD SALE day! I made $70! Ha! This is how Kendall felt about my meetups...
We ended the night with Chris and uncle David's softball game, playing on the playground, and a family dinner at Penn Station!

Sunday I had been feeling all sorts of guilty for my lack of exercising so I pushed Kendall up and down our big hill street. I was sweating bullets but we had to go scope out our new neighbors. Ha!

Clifford was supposed to be at the Louisville Zoo so Grandma took K & I to the zoo.

We had so much fun and got quite a workout walking around!

It's so hard to get a good picture with her! She's so busy and my legs are so white. Ha!

And this is my creeper husband. Ha! I kid. A fellow teacher (who wears Hawaiian shirts and has a mustache) is retiring so all the other guys are copying him by sporting mustaches and Hawaiian shirts the last 2 days of school. SO funny! I couldn't take him serious last night.

And that's a wrap! I am going to skip Making Money Monday this week because I need to brainstorm some ideas!! :)


  1. Love getting outside! And yay for FB rummage sales!


  2. Ha! Love his 'stache!!! Pervo! Ha ha! :)

    I'm getting ready to list a few items on our FB site. A friend told me the gal who runs it now approves all posts before they can be posted -- does yours do that? It sounds like a pain to me, especially when I'm trying to get them up in the prime shopping time! Oh well. And quick advice q -- what do you think of bundling? I have a bunch of DVD's that my MIL gave us that the boys don't like, so thought about bundling 3 or 4 together. Also, I have never watched them so don't know about skips, although knowing my MIL they won't have any! Do I say 'as is' and scare them away thinking they don't work right?

  3. Lol about the mustache and Hawaiian shirt tribute.