Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I may be participating in a lot of link ups this summer just to keep this blog alive. I am a busy woman these days! I have been wanting to write a list of summer activities so this linkup with Holly & Trista was fitting!


 I'm really excited about this summer. I feel very confident in my skin this year and it will be the first year since before I was prego with Kendall I might actually have a tan. Plus Kendall is at such an active age and it is fun to do things with her. The only downside to this summer is the 15 hours of grad school on my plate. But I am a good multi tasker!

  1. VACATION (Treasure Island, FL) in June
  2. Our 5 year Anniversary
  3. July 4th Cookout
  4. Maybe take K to a water park
  5. Ride the boat at the lake or river
  6. Finish all my classes for Grad school and prepare for Student teaching
  7. Go to the zoo a lot
  8. Visit family in Georgia??
  9. Work on a few DIY projects
  10. Start baby making :)


  1. Baby making.....that could be fun! :)

  2. Where do you have family in GA? That's where I live!
    Baby making is a good one on the list! I've been working on that for months now.
    Love your list, sounds fun!

  3. #10 is my favorite! Good luck!