Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swim Class!

This is our second year taking swim classes at the Y. We will have classes twice a week for 4 weeks. I felt it was the perfect opportunity to do them in May before we go on vacation in June.

I am a firm believer in pool safety. Both of Kendall's grandparents have a pool so she is able to swim a lot in the summer. I will probably sign her up for swim lessons for a long time to reinforce pool safety... And it's fun!!

Last year Kendall was 18 months so she clutched on to me. This year is a different story! She is more active and eager to try new activities in the pool. I like to think she is becoming a more confident swimmer. :)

She is the only girl in the class too! Her favorite part of class (besides singing songs of course!) is climbing out of the pool and jumping back in. She even went under water once and did so good!

Photos are courtesy of my husband. I hope you focused on Kendall and not the hot mess that is her mother in the pool. Ha!
Baseball season ends in a few weeks so I'm hoping Chris will have a chance to get in with her too!
Do you take your kiddos to swim class?

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