Monday, June 3, 2013

Date Night & Play Date

This weekend we had two dates! I had one with my hubby and Kendall had one with her best bud cousin Caleb!

I can't even remember the last time Chris and I have gone on a date by ourselves. It's so sad. We always say we will make date nights a priority but we just have so much going on. Excuses, excuses!

We went to Olive Garden for dinner. Yummy! My husband could throw down two big bowls of their salad by himself. It was really yummy! It started raining like crazy so Chris went and got the car for me. I still got pretty wet, good thing I didn't wear sandals!
We contemplated going to a movie but decided against it. Nothing really sparked our interest! So we went shopping aka my love language. Happy wife, happy life! Old Navy was having a 30% off sale so the hubs got some clothes and I got this hat for the beach.

We finished the night by hitting up Target (we're crazy!) and trying the Smores Blizzard from DQ which we both threw away. I guess we are becoming bigger FROYO fans than ice cream?

Saturday, Kendall and I ventured across the river to Indiana. C & K were reunited and we had a fun shopping day!
They have so much fun together!! Our families are going on vacation together this summer and it is going to be a blast!
I have been on a eBay kick lately. I have seen some really cute dresses on online boutiques I follow and I was shocked when I found some similar styles online for half the price! I love a bargain! Anyway, my husband has caught on to my eBay obsession now that he is home for the summer. He texted me a picture of 2 packages I got in the mail on Friday. I guess I need to stop or have my packages delivered to my work. ;)

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  1. Yes! A lot of this boutiques and shops online get their clothes from the same place(s) and jack the price way up! Total score for finding them for a bargain price!

  2. Love that you had date nights!!! Target, Old Navy and DQ sounds like my kind of night!!

  3. Your date night sounds like how's our go, too! :)

    You look great in that maxi, tall and slim!!!

  4. Oh I love me some DQ!! The s'mores blizzard sounded gross though! Love the dress, I need some new maxis!! Yay for date nights!

  5. We're bad about the date nights too but when it happens it is sooo nice to not worry about the little one! Love that dress!

  6. That dress is HOT! Love it on you :)
    We got drenched Friday night too when we left dinner. 4 inches of rain in a very short amount of time- Yikes! Your date night sounds great to me!

  7. You look great and I love the dress!

  8. You look great and I love the dress!