Friday, June 7, 2013

Facebook Funnies

Facebook is full of crazies. Crazies that I happen to know or be related to. Gotta love it! Anyway, I have started stereotyping my favorite type of people on Facebook and wanted to share and see if anyone else could identify.

First, I'd like to shout out to my cousin Rebecca. Without her, life would be boring because I would have no one to share said crazy Facebook people with. And secondly, I am not innocent. I have fallen into these categories at one time or another I'm sure.

  • The OVER SHARE Person. I don't care what you've had for breakfast. I don't care what your husband and kids are doing that day. Please stop filling up my feed with your agenda. That's great you watered the houseplants, made homemade waffles, and helped your neighbors move by 8 am, but keep it to yourself.
  • The I LOVE MY ________ (husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend) Person. Well then who are you trying to convince here??? I get it, your in love. But I'm skeptical because you feel the need to make sure everyone knows.
  • The FAMILY DRAMA Person. Ok, I secretly love the person. No, I LIVE for this drama. There is nothing better than stalking an argument on Facebook. It's like a free soap opera and it's wonderful.
  • The NICE GUY Person. Stop posting 2 paragraph status updates about girls not appreciating you and how you are just a nice guy that wants to make a girl happy. There is a common theme here and it's not those girls that don't appreciate you, it's you!
  • The JOINT ACCOUNT Couple. If this doesn't scream trust issues, I don't know what does. 
  • The ANIMAL Person. I am guilty of this before we had Kendall. Wilson was my baby. But now I just see animals. It's cute, but come on!
  • The KID Person. Ok, this one is kind of mean and hypocritical for me to address. My daughter is often the subject of my status updates and my profile picture so it's ok me for to make fun of my self. But PLEASE for the LOVE stop talking about breastfeeding and your natural childbirth. There is a time and place people and Facebook is not it. 
  • The PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE Person. No, that status wasn't intended for a specific audience at all.

Who am I missing? Got any good Facebook stereotypes?



  1. I have a good friend who is an over sharer. I have her setting set to "only important posts" even though she's actually my friend lol. I really don't care to be updated that you just woke up, now you ate breakfast, now you're going to Walmart, Oh now you're going to Target, You saw a friend at Target, There's a lot of traffic on the way home....etc. I told her that if someone wanted to stalk her it would be pretty easy lol.

  2. Ha I secretly love the drama ones too! And the Oversharer, there are just somethings that are meant to be private. Example: A fb friend posted "Do I have to get a prescription for a yeast infection?" True story! Although I am the guilty kid person! I can't help it!!

  3. What about the person that "likes" EVERYTHING....even their own statuses. Ugh, drives me crazy!

  4. What about the person that "likes" EVERYTHING....even their own statuses. Ugh, drives me crazy!