Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Father's Day Ideas

Chris and I (to date) don't really exchange gifts for Father's Day & Mother's Day. I guess I like the idea of my own kid getting me something or making a craft for me at school. I mean sure, he guarantees that the day is special, but nothing warms my heart more than getting a hand painted magnet from Kendall and a card with her hand print on it.

Anyhow, I always try to do something special for Chris too. Father's Day always falls on the weekend of our anniversary and it is always the same day as the baseball banquet.

I'm sure I will get him a golf gift card or something with UK on it but this year I also signed him up for the Dollar Shave Club. And this is by no means a sponsored post because I am legitimately paying for this service. Although if they would like to reimburse me, please go ahead.

So I signed Chris up for the $5 shave subscription. He will receive 1 razor & 4 razor cartridges for $6.36 a month. Seriously?!?!

Have you seen how much those Gillette Fusion refills cost at Target? They are like 18 bucks. So I will be a happy camper if he likes the shave club razors because this is an awesome deal. My brother subscribed and had to stop because he had so many unopened. So if you don't like it, you can just cancel the subscription.

I just wanted to share this idea along in case anyone needs a good, inexpensive gift for a guy in their life!

Now I just need to figure out what to get my dad! I usually get him a polo shirt. :)



  1. We are the same way. We never buy each other big mothers day/fathers day gifts. The things Noah makes us are more special. School is always out by fathers day or us though so I sit down with Noah and make something.
    This year me, my brother, and my sister are putting our money together to get my dad a new grill. He really needs one lol. He is impossible to shop for so when my brother had this idea I jumped right on board!

  2. Have the seen their commercial? It's so weird and yet funny. I think the best thing abiut daycare is when Landon makes us gifts.

  3. Oh my gosh, I totally spaced Fathers Day is this month! My poor hubs... it's his first, too! Eric made Mothers Day all about me. He cooked all 3 meals, cleaned house, made dessert, etc. I think I liked that so much more than getting a gift! I'm gonna have to come up with something good for Fathers Day!
    This sounds like an AMAZING deal!!

  4. We thought about the shave club too but I was under the impression the cheaper subscriptions were for 1 or 2 blades. I hate paying for Gillette but they are the best!