Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I’ve lost my momentum

If you’re new around here, let me catch you up. At the first of the year I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (hypothyroidism) and began taking medication in March to treat it. I started feeling GREAT! March was a great month for me because I hosted a dietbet and lost 7 pounds and started working out consistently. My hypothyroid symptoms that I never knew were symptoms in the first place (tiredness, moodiness, etc) had disappeared. I had so much energy and felt so much better and working out only amplified that.

Then I switched to the generic thyroid meds and May happened. I just stopped working out in May. I got comfortable in my new fit skin (even though I wasn’t where I wanted to be) and just one day after another, stopped working out. I really believe the generic meds played a part in this too. Apparently, generic thyroid medicines can have a 20% variance in effectiveness. I was feeling moody, tired, and overall icky again.

So here I am a week later after having started back on the name brand meds and I have so much more energy. But how do I get back into my groove? Do I make a schedule? Reward myself? Or just wake my lazy butt up in the morning and do a Jillian Michael dvd?

I feel good about myself right now, but I know I will regret it if I don’t try.

What do you do when you get into a rut?


  1. Making a schedule helps me throuh a rut. I've read a tip before that you should schedule workouts like you would a meeting or appointment. Write it in your calendar and stick to it.
    I'm sure you'll get back in the groove in no time. Its always hard getting back into a routine after vacation.

  2. Iam in a 'rut' at the very moment. I have not worked out in fifteen days. Whats worse I dont feel like it at all.
    Ther last time I quit was for 2 months, and when I started to workout again, I got addicted.Again.
    I think RE-start with something you like. Putting a dvd of friends and walking on dreadmill helps me!

  3. I try to get it done as early as I possibly can! That way I can't keep putting it off! Good luck!

  4. I hear ya! I'm so far from a consistent routine and it is hard getting back to one.