Monday, June 24, 2013

Making Money Monday

I'm back with a few little money saving tips this week.

1. Family Dollar
I'm not sure if this is a southern chain or where else in the country these stores are, but they are a hidden gem. My mom will get on me for sharing about this because she doesn't want everyone to know our secret, BUT I cannot hide my excitement about these cute and inexpensive summer finds!

The pink maxi (I'm in a large here), I wish I had taken a better picture of this but it is so pretty. My mom actually purchased this one and a black one for her and I "borrowed" them for my vacation. I got 4 compliments on it the day I wore it and went to the grocery! Did I mention it was $12.50?

2. The green/blue ruffle dress
I went back to the Family Dollar to buy my mom her dresses I was keeping and found this and the next dress! Again only $12.50! I'm in a medium here. You can hardly tell, but it has a fitted waist and ruffles around the neckline.

3. The racerback tank dress
$12.50. This is really cute! It could be worn as a swimsuit coverup or as a dress. I wore it with a little black short sleeve cardigan to work.

4. The mesh running shorts
These were $5 and they are so comfortable. They also came in blue and pink. The pink had zebra prints down the side so I might go back. No I just need to actually RUN!

And my last bit of money saving advice. Staples Engineer prints.
I got 3 prints (1 16x20 and 2 11x14s) for under $13. That's unheard of at photo places without coupons!

The 16x20 is going in our living room. I also purchased some 8x10 frames from Goodwill that I spray painted. I will share more on this little project after its complete (hopefully this weekend)! I have already used the pinterest trick of posting paper on the wall to map your photo layout. Now I just need my husband to measure, level, and hang. 1.5 years later and we will have living room wall decor.

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  1. Hi! I just randomly stumbled on your blog! I've seen on Pinterest where people suggest the engineer prints at staples. Are they on photo paper or more of just a printer paper? I print A TON of photos but I'm always too scared to try it! Thanks!

    Cari @

  2. Hi, there's a Family Dollar near where I live, but I haven't been in there for a couple of years. Now, I will definitely be back there on payday. Thanks for sharing.