Monday, June 10, 2013

The Art of Conversation

One of the best things about this ripe age of 2.5 years old is that Kendall really talks to us now. She doesn't just blurt out words or phrases anymore. She understand what we are saying (especially when we are talking about her) and she likes to listen in on our conversations. More recently, she likes to start her own conversations.  I wanted to remember these few special moments so I will share them here.

Let's Talk!
Kendall and I were folding laundry on my bed one Sunday. Her playing with all the towels like they are blankets and me hanging clothes in the closet... all whilst catching up on Real Housewives of Orange County. Anyhow, we were taking a break and she came and sat on my stomach and just said, "Let's talk". Be still my girl gossip heart, yes dear, let's talk!
I asked her what she wanted to talk about. She said that she stayed with Grandma (because she did that Friday night) and Papa wasn't home (he was out of town). She mentioned her Uncle David and Aunt Amanda and then that was the end of the conversation. So cute!

I find it so entertaining that Kendall is so receptive to things she watches on TV. Now that it is warm outside, her TV access is limited in the morning during breakfast while I'm getting our bags ready and maybe a show or two in the evening. Anyway, this particular morning she was watching MMC and I guess there was a bunny on the show because they were getting a carrot for the bunny. Now, normally she reacts to TV. If a character is sad, she gets sad. She cried during Tangled and Cinderella! I mean she really responds to what is going on. But in this case, she created her own meaning. (Can you tell I'm studying to be a teacher?)
I was in the kitchen and Kendall asked, "Momma, do you like carrots?" I told her that sometimes I did. And she asked if daddy liked carrots, and I said yes. Then she proceeded to tell me how she doesn't like carrots. Funny kid!

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