Thursday, July 18, 2013

Because everyone else is doing and I have nothing else!


If I had one extra hour in the day... I would catch up on Mad Men. I'm on season 4 and these episodes aren't going to watch themselves!
I wish my name... wasn't 2 first names. Really? Shelli Ryan. My middle name is Brooke and I used to tell people when I went to college I was going to start going by that. Ha!
I think anything chevron is... cute, but too trendy for me! I can't wear chevron because it makes me look wider than I am and it wouldn't go with my home decor. 
My last nightmare... was pretty dramatic. I think it was kind of like the Blind side, where I was about to have some new grown ass kids in my house to take care of. 
Sometimes... make a trip just to get chocolate in the middle of my work day. 
My last meal on earth would be... I think the better question would be, what wouldn't it be? It would include A LOT of bacon, cheese, potatoes, and bread. And then there is dessert. 
I would much rather be fat than ugly.
Mayonnaise... is disgusting! Eeek! Although my mom bakes some kind of chicken with it and it is mouth watering!
10 years ago, I didn't think... I'd live across the street from my parents. Haha
Selfishly... I don't share snacks with Kendall sometimes. She doesn't know and it's not good for her anyway. 
My favorite show on TV right now... since it's summer TV isn't very exciting. I've been watching Pretty Little Liars, The Bachelorette, and my newest addiction, Naked and Afraid on Discovery. 
And, George Zimmerman... doo de dah boo be bop womp womp a la mode over it


  1. Great George Zim answer! We've been watching Naked and Afraid, too. That show is CRAZY! Looking forward to Sunday's, the previews look even crazier!!! And I sneak snacks w/o the boys knowing sometimes, too. And I tell myself the same thing, it's not good for them anyway (so why am I eating it then?)! ha ha!

  2. I hear ya! You can't fix ugly but you can lose weight!! haha!