Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY coffee table Ottoman

Remember that one time I made a home decor blog and never updated it so I forgot my password? Yeah, me either. Ha!

Long story short. I finished a project.

We have a small foyer with an awkward area and I've been wanting to put something there. I thought about refinishing an old, antique dresser but I never finished that. Too much damn work to be honest.

So I was able to score a $2 coffee table from a yard sale and left with this inspiration.

I put plywood over the top to provide support for seating. (the top of the coffee table had 2 open spots where glass used to be)

The husband drilled that down and then I bought some foam and cut it to size.

I hot glued that down around the edges.

Then we stapled quilt batting over the top. These cute shallow baskets were the perfect find for my bench! I used them pressure after I glued the foam. 

And then I cut up a shower curtain and my husband stapled that. Sorry for the bad lighting! My house has great natural light during the day, but it was raining and dark outside. 


Total Cost for the project:
Coffee table $2
White spray paint $0 already had
Shower curtain $14.99
Plywood $free
Quilt Batting - already had
Baskets $16 (7.99 each at TJMaxx)
Foam $20.99 ($34.99 with 40% coupon)
Throw pillow I whipped up with materials I had on hand
Total ~ $54
Not bad at all! 
I have some ideas for a cute mirror or shelf for the wall but for now I'm just glad my vision is complete. 


  1. That is SO cute... I love it and a mirror would compliment it great!

  2. WHAT? I love it! It looks better than the one on Pinterest!!