Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Library Champion, New Hair, and Phrases from School

Our local Library system has led a summer reading program for as long as I can remember. I used to go with my mom every summer and pick out books to read in exchange for prizes! 

Over the last 3-4 weeks, Kendall and I have gone to the library to check out new books to read at home. Monday afternoon we went to turn in her book list and redeem prizes. Here is my big girl handing in her form (whilst holding her "naked baby") to the library clerk!

Kendall received stickers, a hat, and multiple tickets and coupons to Louisville area places. And... a yard sign! You may have seen this picture via my instagram (mrsryan555) a few days ago!

Well... now she wants to pose by it every day. Tuesday...

Wednesday morning...

I love this kid! Ha!

In other news, I finally got some highlights and my hair trimmed. This picture was taken before my hair fully dried. Twenty minutes later and it was twice as big. Ha!

And to my last topic of the day...
How do I handle this? Do I say something to school? I have learned to just not draw attention to it with Kendall or she keeps repeating it. I know for a fact the little boy at school who tells her these things, I just don't know what to do. I am no saint in the language in front of my child department. I mean if she heard me say the D word, it would not have been "dang it". Last night, I just told Kendall we do not talk like that and it's unladylike. I'm not ready for other peoples children. Is that bad to say? It's part of going to school and being around different kids, but I just don't want Kendall using the word "kill" when she is playing with her mermaid barbie in the bathtub. Not okay!

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  1. Those library awards rock!

    As a teacher, I'd let them know. I had between 28-32 students, and its hard to know what everyone is doing at every minute. They may not even know its happening if you dont.