Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Never Ever Ever...

I thought it would be fun to participate in this cute little link up! There is a giveaway involved and I just love Shelly's blog!


  • will I eat pickles. Stop putting them on my plates at restaurants. And I wish my husband would stop eating one before he kisses me because he knows it bugs me.
  • will I go to a tanning bed ever again! This girl doesn't want to get skin cancer!
  • will I stop watching reality television. I'm selective in my viewing but I find other people fascinating.
  • will I be too old for Barbies. I love that Kendall has Barbies now so I can play with her! Ha!
  • will I buy goldfish and not eat the whole container. Sorry K, that's why mommy doesn't buy you goldfish!
  • will I want to go hunting with you Chris. Or enjoy deer meat. Or wear camo. Ok, I might one day to keep our marriage balanced, but I won't enjoy it.
I actually thought of a ton of these, but I didn't want to sound too negative! Ha! 


  1. Cute post, but have you tried deer? Honestly, it is so good that you will forget how cute they are. Never say never!

  2. Pickles yuck!!! I agree there

  3. The first one made me laugh!!! You sound just like my husband!