Monday, July 8, 2013

Sister in Law

Sunday was crazy! We are so thankful for the safety of my sister in law Christy and I am so glad she is ok. Praise the Lord.

Christy is my husband's younger sister and she is a manager at a KFC. While she and another employee were opening the store yesterday morning, they were robbed and held at gunpoint. At one point, my SIL was even held as a hostage and led out of the restaurant into the woods. She was miraculously able to get away before fire was opened, ultimately ending in the suspects death. You can read more about this story HERE.
It was a very scary situation and she is still in a state of shock. I am just so glad she acted quickly and was able to pull a silent alarm. I am so thankful for her safety and life in general today. Scary stuff!

On a happier note, we had a wonderful extended holiday weekend which I will be sure to blog all about. I leave you with Ms. K riding the free carousel at Bass Pro yesterday. Go home and hug your loved ones!


  1. Wow, that's incredibly scary... so glad she wasn't harmed!

  2. That is so scary!! I'm glad she's ok!!

  3. That's terrible! So glad she is ok!

  4. Goodness! Louisville can be so scary sometimes! My cousin's husband is a police officer thief and has been shot and beat up numerous times, so glad to hear that your SIL is okay! Kendall is adorable!

    1. Polie officer there..... Not thief!

  5. That is so scary! I'm glad Christy is okay!