Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Favorites

THIS nail polish. Shade is “in the cabana”.

 in the cab-ana - blues By Essie

It is so pretty on my toes. It will be pretty on your toes too. I am usually a cheap nail polish girl. Paying $7-$8 for a bottle of Essie has never been my thing. BUT this is quality nail polish and it stays on forever before you need to reapply.

THIS swimsuit from Old Navy.

Women's Halter Swimsuits

I have it in black. I paid $12.50 for it online and when I looked to find this like it was $9.97. I bought an expensive swimsuit this year because I’ve always heard they are built better and offer more support, while this seems to be true in my opinion, this little number is just as competitive.

THESE chips.

This is not a review or endorsement, I just love these chips. You can eat 21 chips from this bag which is equivalent to the calories of only 8 chips of a name brand regular chip. They have just enough salt (to make me lick the bag) and they are usually on sale at Kroger 3/$5. Yummy! Now if I could just stop after 21 chips.

My other summer favorites include Kendall’s puddle jumper, my new candle from target (citrus coconut), swimming in the pool, catching lighting bugs, walking down the hill on a summer night with my family, and grilling out.

What are you loving this summer?


  1. I am loving coke slurpees and every... ha

  2. Love those chips! :) Happy Weekend!

  3. I JUST bought that nail polish this past weekend...along with 4 other colors! :)