Tuesday, July 2, 2013

That time I had to go to court and our weekend...

Well upon my return home from vacation a few weeks ago, I received a subpeona to appear in court as a witness again the idiot because he was cited for driving without insurance. 

So... court is a funny and scary place. If I could have had my camera out I would have taken pictures of what some people chose to wear to court. SMH

I channeled my inner Elle Woods and looked really cute for court. I had my hair all blonde and teased up, wore my cute black pants with a cute silky tank and cardigan. I wish I had taken a picture! Anyhow, I won't go into detail. It was not like Judge Judy and I ended up speaking and settling in a prosecutors office. Womp, womp. I was prepared to give my testimony in the witness stand too!


After court, I went home, changed out of my lawyer clothes and took my first baby to the vet for his shots and well check. I know Wilson doesn't get much attention, but I almost cried when they took him back and he freaked out. My baby still needs me!

Later in the evening we accompanied Chris to his Friday night softball game. I posted this picture on instagram (mrsryan555) because I think she looks so old here. Or maybe its the shorts and tank top? She will just have to stick to wearing dresses! :)

Sweet Father Daughter moments

Love them!

Saturday was uneventful and amazing all at the same time. I cleaned my bathrooms. Winning!

I was feeling really creative and wanted to make a throw pillow cover for my new porch bench. I decided to make some baby doll blankets and pillows for Kendall's baby in the process. She loved it!

And I re-purposed some princess curtains into a throw pillow for K!

Sunday us girls did some shopping for my mom. She was having guests over Sunday night after church so we had fun getting things ready. I didn't take any pictures of our impromptu party but it was a good time!

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  1. Wow, you were busy!!!

    I love your new profile pic! Such a cute family!