Friday, August 9, 2013

5 on Friday: Kendall Edition


Linking up with 5 on Friday for the first time. I think its safe to say in our house, Ms. Kendall has had the best week ever. So consider this Kendall's 5 on Friday!

1. Kendall is a tumbling pro

2. Kendall had plenty of family time this week. No baseball practice this week for Chris so we've all been home every evening which is so nice.

3. Kendall is still a Library Chamption, has had a great hair/clothes week and has pent quality time with "Cutie Pie" (aka Snow White Baby to us non Kendall folk)

4. A new headband! Which mommy is wearing because Kendall styled my hair. 

5. And Wilson FINALLY jumped up in her bed on his own free will. Kendall wants Wilson to sleep with her/play with her/sit in her lap etc. SO BADLY, but Wilson can be pretty moody and tends to favor Chris and I when it comes to chilling and snoozing. So when she yelled from her room, "Mommy Wilson is in my bed!" this morning, I ran for my phone!

Happy Friday!


  1. All my little boy (4 years old) wants is for our dog to sleep with him as well. So cute!

  2. Her tumbling is so adorable!!! Cute cute!

    Yay for a great week for Kendall!