Monday, August 5, 2013

Kendall the Gymnast

Last week Kendall had her first gymnastics/tumbling experience. Kendall has SO MUCH energy and is constantly running and jumping off all our furniture so I thought it was time for a good outlet. 

I had wanted to sign her up for ballet/tap (and will eventually) but they wanted her to be 3. So I called a local cheer leading gymnastics gym and they had one opening in their Preschool Tumbling class. 

Kendall in her leotard she picked out!

Walking in with daddy!

And then walking with NO FEAR to join the group!

Kendall is the smallest girl in the class and it was fun to see her try everything the big girls did. She was in awe of everything around her and just SO happy. 

At one point I asked the gym owner if this was the beginner class because they were asking Kendall to do a cartwheel etc. He said it was, but many of the girls have been in it for awhile. He also said Kendall was advanced for her age already busting out forward rolls. That's my girl!

Every 5-10 minutes the girls are told to go get water and it was so cute watching Kendall run to us in the parent viewing area.Such a big girl!
After the 1 hour class, Kendall was sweaty and hungry! We hit up our local BBQ place and Kendall chowed down like I've never seen her eat in a restaurant before. 
Tonight we are going back and will sign her up/pay for the month of August. I'm excited to see her blossom and have fun in something that is all for her. Do I care if she becomes a cheerleader or gymnast? Not at all. I just want her to have fun and learn something new!


  1. Omg, so darn cute! Yay for Kendall!

  2. DK-dawg is the next Olympian!

  3. I'm glad she loves it. So cute!

  4. I loved this! Having a 11 year old boy in the house, I don't get cute stuff like this! haha!