Thursday, August 15, 2013


I'm back with another edition of "the cute things Kendall says that I want to remember forever". Read if you would like, as this is my baby book/journal and I just want to remember everything about this moment in time with my sweet almost 3 year old!

"Miss Momma, What do you want to do tonight?"

I always ask Kendall, "Miss Kendall, What are we going to do tonight?" when I pick her up from school. Her answers usually involve her purple swing, playing on her playground, or playing blocks. Well yesterday we had ate dinner (each of us on our separate couch/chair in the living room - classy, right? haha) and Kendall turns to me and says, "Miss Momma, What do you want to do tonight?" Chris and I both giggled! She is so cute!

"We get purple ones!"
Ok, this is a long story and I'm probably the only one that thinks its cute. Ha! A while back my dad tragically broke Kendall's tree swing in their yard while mowing the grass. When he told Kendall about it and told her he would get her a new one, her exact response was, "You'll get a purple one."
Do you know how hard it is to find a Little Tikes swing in purple? Toys R Us only carried red, pink and blue and Amazon sells one for $150. No thank you. Well, my least favorite store ever (Wal-mart!) sells them online for $25. So Princess has a purple swing now in my parents yard.
Well... Chris is a science teacher and has classroom turtles. They hang out in Chris's classroom during the school year and at out house in the summer.
Since Chris started back to school, the turtles had to go back too. One morning I broke the news to Kendall. She proceeded to tell me that she was sad, but they were at daddy's school and we could just go in our car to see them. And then she says, "We get purple ones!" Lord help me if I have to find purple turtles!

"Jingle Bell"

This is what Kendall called Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I think it is the cutest thing ever. I refuse to correct her because I just think its so cute. I'm sure she will figure it out when we meet Belle in Disney World in a few months!

"Want to see my bed?"
Kendall asks everyone this when they come over! Ha! I think we might have overdone the whole toddler bed thing by making such a big deal about it because she still makes a big deal about it. But I love it! Let's just not ask strangers, OK Kendall?
She is the same way about using the potty. It doesn't matter whose house we are at or even if we are out in public at a restaurant, after she uses the potty she announces to WHOEVER " I went Peepee on the potty!" Haha

And Kendall's headbands ;)
I posted this picture on instagram (mrsryan555) last night. K-dawg is all about her stock of headbands this week. We both wear one as soon as we walk in the door! :)

Can you believe it's almost Friday? No complaints here!


  1. These are fun, great memories! I have some from the boys written down, too. I love re-reading them!

  2. too sweet! I love the stuff that comes out of toddler mouths. especially when it is about the potty...NOT! lol

  3. She is sooo cute! I love her personality!