Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stress and Relaxation

So maybe this whole get pregnant while you're finishing a masters degree wasn't the best idea? Honestly, the pregnancy part isn't my stressor at the moment. People are. More specifically, people who are determining my future for the next 16 weeks while I student teach.
Did I mention I am student teaching next Tuesday and I have no clue where I am to report?
Vent over. Life goes on. People have bigger problems than I do.
Don't feel sorry for me because I spent the weekend at the lake and I will spend next weekend at the lake as well.

Here's the view:

Here's our ride:

We spent the weekend at the lake with my parents at their new place. I foresee many fun weekends ahead and lots of fun memories to be made!

Last night was gymnastics night. My mom bought Kendall a cute blue Cinderella leotard but Kendall refused to wear it. She associates her black sparkly leotard to gymnastics.
It was so hot and the gym isn't air conditioned. Fail. Half way through class Kendall wanted to go home. I tried a few minutes to make her stay and then realized she was just too hot. So we left! Classes will resume in 2 weeks, so hopefully that's all it was and she is not sick of it.

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  1. I love her nose all scrunched up in that pic!!

    And yes, definitely jealous of the lake house! :)