Monday, August 26, 2013

Switching OBs at 8 weeks Pregnant!

I have so much I want to talk about now that I've spilled the beans about being pregnant. One of those topics is the fact that, you a patient, has a choice in your medical care. If you do not get good feelings about a doctor or medical practice, it is so not worth torturing yourself to prove some kind of loyalty. Here's my story:

I started seeing Dr. B since I was 18 years old. I love her nurse Sherry. I love how both of them would call me back about a test result or any concern I would have. I remember talking with them about changing my cycle with birth control pills so I could avoid Aunt Flo on my honeymoon. Funny stuff likes that makes you happy in your choice of medical providers.

I saw Dr. B every single visit during my prenatal care with Kendall and she was the doctor who delivered my beautiful baby via induction because she would be on call that day.

Then not even before my 6 week post partum exam, I receive a letter in the mail stating Dr. B would be moving to another practice. I chose to follow Dr. B and Sherry.

I've had my annual visits and a few random visits within the new practice for various things. I wasn't really impressed, but they weren't huge ordeal kind of visits. I think prenatal visits are a huge deal. Pregnancy is a vulnerable and fragile experience and should be positive in as many ways as possible. Your body is changing, your emotions are out of your control, and you just need personal attention during those visits.

Strike 1
When I called to tell my office I was pregnant, that's when this off feeling began. I told the girl scheduling my appointment that I was concerned about my thyroid. She was clueless about that. I asked if she could talk to my doctor about if she needed to see me earlier or talk to me, because I never experienced this with Kendall. I didn't know. Instead of asking my doctor, she just made the appointment. It's no big deal, I don't need to be treated any differently because of my thyroid, it would have been nice to just have a little acknowledgement and reassurance.

Strike 2
I wanted to see Dr. B for my first visit. This practice likes you to see all of their OBs during your pregnancy, but I just wanted the familiarity of MY doctor the first time. 4.5 weeks out and the standard nurse visit and my doctor's visit cannot be scheduled together. I see the nurse on a Monday and my doctor on a Friday.

I had a 9:30 appointment with the nurse to go over medical history. Why this is necessary since I have been with the practice for 2 years and my doctor for 8 years, I will never know. I know waiting in a doctors office is normal so my 30 minute wait before I went back pissed me off, but I got over that. You can have that anywhere. Appointments run behind. Things happen. I get it.

The nurse is nice but there are no warm fuzzies, no congratulations, etc. She asked a billion stupid questions I could have answered over the phone. Then she tells me all the crap I already know. Don't drink more than 8 oz of caffeine, or more than 2 servings of fish per week, and don't gain 50 pounds this time around. I HATE when they bring up the weight. Especially when I gained 5 pounds the minute I peed on a stick.

I ask about getting an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. She said I only get one (liar) and they want to see the whole baby. She finally says Congratulations, gives me a bag of stuff, and sends me off to find the lab.
Before I get to the lab someone else tells me all about the payments I need to make. Blah Blah Blah I HATE when they ask for money up front. I know why they do it, BUT I don't like paying anything until it has hit my insurance. Not to mention, I have already hit my deductible next year and they want me to pay my deductible for next year already? The lady tells me I can call the office. Thanks?

At the lab they take a urine and blood sample. No one gave me a due date. They didn't check my blood pressure, weight, pulse, etc. Nothing. I left the office just feeling defeated and sad. This should be a happy time, but instead I just dread coming back into the office.

Strike 3
I'm super excited to see MY doctor. In fact, I had a great visit. We talked and laughed and she was so happy for me. She said she got excited when she saw my name come across her patient list. Again, she said my only opportunity to get an ultrasound before the anatomy scan would be to opt for the Down Syndrome screening at 11-13 weeks. I did that with Kendall to get an ultrasound picture so I agreed.

When I left to make an appointment is when everything went downhill. The girl at checkout was rude. I told her I needed to schedule an ultrasound and visit with my doctor in 3 weeks. She said, "what?" Really? Then I said, "Well she just told me to tell you that. Why don't you ask her?"
Then my doctor doesn't have availability in 3 weeks nor does anyone else. The following week and they don't offer ultrasounds past 230 and they can get me in at 8 for both with another doctor. Whatever.
I told the girl that this office is not very accommodating and she tells me I'm the third person who has told her that this week. RED FAHHHHLLLLAAAGGG

At this point I start crying and then my doctor just happens to be there too. She doesn't really say much and rubs my back. She can't. This is her job and the practice she works for. She doesn't handle scheduling.
So again I leave defeated and sad and convinced its time to move on.

So that's where I'm at. 8 weeks pregnant and switching my prenatal care to an office I've never been to that delivers at a hospital I'm not familiar at. I feel good about my decision. I asked a bunch of friends and was given raving reviews about the new practice!

Anyone ever had a problem like this? Am I crazy?


  1. I never switched mid-pregnancy so I can't relate to that but I do think you're doing the right thing... I'm sure it's hard but you need to feel supported and encouraged at such a precious time, not disregarded like you have been! I hope the new practice is everything you're hoping for!

  2. =(
    This makes me very sad. Your appointments should be happy appointments to find out information about your baby NOT stressful crying sessions. I hope that the new situation works out much better for you.
    I'm currently in a situation where I love my doctor but I MIGHT have to switch anyway LATE in my pregnancy. I'm 35 weeks now. We just found out we might end up moving back to Louisiana. That's great because our whole family is there. It's awful because of the timing. My husband has been trying forever to get a job on the Air Force Base there. The job would be perfect for him. We are supposed to find out whether he gets it or not by Sept. 1st. BUT they warned us that the selection date could be pushed back until October. This all makes me VERY nervous! If we go I'll have to rush to find a doctor because HELLO? I'm about to have a baby! I'm worried I'll just pick someone and get stuck with a not so great doctor =(

  3. that totally sucks! I am so sorry that all of that has happened to you. I hope the new favility and doctor are everything that you are looking for.
    My doctor I had with Marissa left about 4 months after Marissa was born. I was so sad but I have grown to love the doc we have now. and he is OB and family practice so that is the best. I am just nervous about how labor/delivery will go with him. My doc I had before was in the delivery room the minute the nurses told her I was complete and ready to push, so I am hoping that is how my new doctor is. I know other doctors around here come in just in time to catch the baby and let the nurses be in charge while the mom is pushing. uh, no thanks!

  4. Not at all crazy! I'm glad you're switching!!! Those are big strikes!

  5. I switched OBs at 33 weeks! I was not happy with him. He didn't seem to be concerned that my child was way underweight. So changing doctors was the best decision I made! My new doctor delivered him early because of his low weight but he was fine after he was born. And all the employees in the new office were so friendly. It is so important for and the baby to have a happy experience. :)