Thursday, September 26, 2013

14 Weeks :)

That was quick! Today starts my second trimester with baby #2. I think I'm starting to feel the baby. Part of me feels like it's too early since I didn't feel Kendall kick until almost 20 weeks, but I'm starting to feel something. It almost feels like deep rolls or flutters. It could be gas. Ha!
I'm not really having anymore symptoms. Nausea seems to have completely subsided. Every once in awhile something will gross me out but that's it.
I'm craving sweet things. More specifically, those sour gummy worms. And coca cola! But I'm trying to moderate that intake.

I'm sleeping awesome, only waking up once or twice a night. It takes me no time to fall asleep these days!

Kendall is still aware there's a baby in my belly. Of course I don't think she fully understands but she will make cute comments like, "the baby in your belly" etc.

Chris is good. He only made this baby (ha!) and just like with Kendall until he can feel the baby move from the outside he doesn't really get it.

I'm really busy these days with school and work but I feel like I've been able to spend more time with my family every day which is wonderful! I've stopped texting and surfing social networks in the evenings and just focusing on being with Chris and Kendall. Now that's tv shows are back on they may or may not be on in the background while I'm playing candy land but still. Ha!
Only like 12-13 more weeks of student teaching!

We actually have a lot of exciting things going on in October. Chris has a birthday. Kendall turns 3! We fly to DisneyWorld! And we find out the sex of our little baby! ;) good times! Life is good!

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  1. Yayy for no more nausea!! Glad you're having so much nice family time... and yayy for a trip to Disney! <3

  2. Candy has been a craving of mine too. Its just not okay lol. You are looking adorable!

  3. So excited for your month of October, sounds like an awesome month, birthdays, Disney and baby gender! yay!

  4. You are too cute for words! Yay for 2nd trimester! Boo for no texting in the evenings anymore. :) I get it, tho. :) Wow, you have a fun October planned!!! Miss you like crazy, friend. 'See' you in 13 weeks!

  5. It sounds like it's going to be an exciting month! I definitely don't think it's too early to feel the baby. I felt my last 3 before the 1st trimesters ended!