Thursday, September 12, 2013

Crazy, Busy Life & 12 Weeks

Hello World! It's me, Shelli. I am so behind on everything these days. My Bloglovin feed is ridiculous and my emails are out of control. Oh well... only 14 weeks until life settles down (for a little bit) again.

My student teaching is going great. Every day I am reminded of why I chose to go back to school to be a teacher. I've only spent 9 days with these kiddos and its crazy to think how much I already know about them. Good and bad. Ha! Kidding... kind of.

I think teaching is what I expected. I still have a lot to learn and I am starting to feel more comfortable every day that passes. I think this will be a great experience.

In other news, Kendall is our resident photographer. Girlfriend has been taking our pictures like crazy these days. She has adapted so well to our new schedule and is such a trooper. Today my parents took her to breakfast before school and they had such a great time. I know it was a special time for Kendall.

Because I am a mom (and pregnant) I tear up thinking about how my busyness affects her. I hate putting her in front of the TV so I can get some work done in the evenings when we only have a few hours together anyway. So much guilt! I just keep reminding myself that everything I am doing is for her.

12 Weeks
Today I had my 12 week OB appointment with my new OB. She was really nice and a Cardinals fan. I miss my old doctor, but I feel really good about the choices I have taken with my care. I love this new practice. I opted out of the down syndrome screening so I did not have an ultrasound this morning.
The baby had a healthy heartbeat in the 150s. I cried as I walked through the parking lot. I don't know if it's a second pregnancy thing or a busy/tired thing, but I haven't really felt a connection to this baby. I know I'm pregnant and I've seen the baby on the ultrasound but it is so different when you physically feel the baby. So any reminder (like the heartbeat today) that tells me there is a healthy little baby growing always makes me feel so happy and content.

I am pleased to announce that my nausea has subsided. My only symptoms are frequent urination, fatigue, and heartburn.

We are considering having the optional 16 week gender ultrasound. I had originally thought we would wait until 20 weeks but now I have the itch to know. I'm excited, but the planner in me is freaking out because we don't have names picked out. Ha!

Any name suggestions?


  1. I miss you like crazy but of course Kendall and Chris come first! :) I feel for you trying to get it all done and fit it all in. You are right, tho, it's all for Kendall so keep trucking along and it'll be over before you know it! I wish I lived down the street so I could help out some -- I'd bring you supper once a week! :)

    Glad the nausea is gone!!! I understand the feeling of not 'feeling' a connection in the beginning. it's hard when all you have to go on is the pink line and the very infrequent dr visit. Even now when in between the rare kicks I wonder if I really am pregnant still. I'm looking forward to the days full of kicks. I have a bump but I feel like I'm the only one to know it's a baby and not just fat. I don't think it's growing as fast as before now that I'm walking and trying to be more active. not a bad thing, just different.

    Sorry, should have put all ths in an email. :)

    Have a great weekend! I hope you take time for yourself and family!

    Oh, and my name suggestion. Gage (or Gauge??, not sure how people spell it) for a boy. Gage Ryan sounds like a famous ball player's name. :) And you could use Aaron for his middle name. :)

  2. LOL! I was the same way with pregnancy #2 and it even took me a little longer after Bean was born to "feel" connected! I'm not sure why, but it did.

    Girl Name: Kylee
    Boy Name: Ben

  3. I haven't kept up with my blog reading for the last 2 month and boy did I miss a lot!! Congratulations on the student teaching and pregnancy!! How exciting! I was pregnant during my first year teaching (which was kinda like being pregnant when student teaching because you I still didn't know what I was doing) and it was so hard not feeling well and still having to keep up with my kiddos. Since I have boys it's so fun to come up with girl names :). I love Lucy for a girl. For a boy I like Andrew but would call him Drew. Or maybe just go with Drew and drop the 'An'. Congrats again 😀