Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This and that!

I miss my blog! I miss my blog friends! I miss reading blogs! I feel so off these days, but I'm half way done with student teaching which means I am one step closer to earning my Masters!
I have a few posts I will be writing soon (mostly with pictures) but I wanted to write about whats been going on.

I had my last day in first grade today. It was sad. I cried on Friday when I told the kids we only had 2 more days together. I'm such a sap. I'm also pregnant and hormonal! I start 4th grade tomorrow and I'm so nervous about it!

Heartburn has started. Baby girl #2 will probably have a bunch of hair like her big sister.

I'm so anxious to feel this baby more. I'm always trying to relax or poke my belly to get her to react for reassurance!

Kendall is 3! I can't believe I have this little girl in my house who is so smart and talks so much. Where did my little baby go? I truly love talking and spending time with her. She is one of the reasons I haven't updated this blog much during the weeknights. I just want to spend time with her and Chris and enjoy being with them since everything else is so busy.

We haven't decided on a name yet for the baby. We like the names Reagan and Hadley. Thoughts????


  1. I had heartburn horribly for the first twelve weeks, now its stopped. apparently baby went bald?! lol
    I like both names and they both sound nice with Kendall. if I had to pick, I would say Hadley :)

  2. we miss you here too!! LOVE BOTH names especially hadley LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!

  3. I love both names! :)

    I miss you too!!! So glad you are spending your time w/ your family instead of on the computer, tho. Good luck w/ 4th grade! What a difference that will be! But it might be pretty cool to see what they are learning. Andy and I laugh about how much we learn from Aiden (2nd grade) these days! They teach them all kinds of cool, crazy stuff!

    Have a fun Halloween!

  4. I love both names! :) But I think I like the sound of Kendall and Reagan! ;)

  5. Hadley was on my list of girl names! Such a cute one!