Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Friday night my brother David took Kendall out on a date! He picked her up and they hit up Toys'r'us and McDonalds! So sweet!

I made this super easy and yummy crockpot pizza lasagna! It was so good and reheated well for lunch the next day. It's under my FOOD board on Pinterest!

I played around in the nursery aka Kendall's old playroom. I think I want to keep the walls this shade of yellow. Other than that I have no clue what my plan is for the nursery! I might wait until after the holidays to get started!

We did some painting this weekend. :)

Here are our minion pumpkins we painted...

And Kendall (I mean, Snow White) with her pink pumpkin!

Do you paint or carve pumpkins? We left one to carve but I'm all for painting pumpkins! So easy and pretty too!


  1. We've never painted pumpkins, might have to try that next year!

    How nice of your brother to take K on a date!

  2. That crock pot meal looks good! I made something similar once, just not in the crock pot... and OMG, it was delicious!!

  3. Love the minion pumpkins! That crockpot meal looks really good! I used to make a pizza casserole, and my family loved it!