Friday, November 29, 2013

Car Doctor, 23 Week Bump, and the baby has a name

I am loving this long weekend! I will enjoy this schedule when I’m a real teacher! :) I was able to work on Wednesday with my dad and then spend the holiday with both of our sweet families. We are so blessed!

My Thanksgiving started out kind of sour. Car trouble. Yuck. I just love driving a new car and it having problems. The price tag was a little brutal but I’m just thankful it is already fixed.

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday but this one was my most favorite. And you can see my 23 week baby bump.


FYI the baby bump has a name. We’ve decided to name Kendall’s sister and our second daughter Adley. :) (Pronounced Add-leigh)

We loved the name Hadley but decided to drop the H to make it more unique. Middle name is TBD. Ha! We have until March, right?

And yes we totally color coordinated our outfits. Baby doll’s name is Uno per Kendall. :)


  1. Love the name. Different but very cute!!!

  2. Last summer, I had bilateral knee replacements (they were having a two-for-one sale!), and I experienced a bit of that sort of attitude from people. I didn’t normally need anything but my walker when I was out, but in the grocery store, I used the little motorized shopping cart. When I think about it, I don’t know if people were really giving me “the look”, or if I’m so aware of these things that I assumed people were doing so. That’s part of the stigma fat people experience: Too often, we’ve internalized the hatred, and we sometimes heap the insults upon ourselves first before anyone else gets the chance. (And I’m a 51-year-old woman whose been involved in size acceptance for at least 25 years.) Thankfully, I’m back on my feet and mostly pain free! . Reyen

  3. Y'all are too cute!!! Love the name, I know a little girl named Adley... It's a very cute name! Congrats!