Thursday, November 21, 2013

Phone Dump & 22 Weeks

In an effort to keep this blog updated while I finish grad school... A phone dump of events!

K's Christmas pics! I die of cuteness overload!

I love this little christmas sweetie! And I'm forever amazed how complete strangers can get my kiddo to give an award winning smile!

The Christmas tree is up!

Can we say nesting? Can we say I need to stop lifting heavy things? Ornaments and other decor will commence once gun season is over and the husband is available to retrieve them from the garage attic.

Big girl bed! Isn't it pretty?

And a rocking chair for baby girl 2's room! It needs a little tlc and I might make a cute cushion for the seat!

Mattresses! Kendall slept her first night in her big girl bed. We are going to put bed together this weekend and reorganize her room as well. I'm so excited to make her big girl room be a place for her to play and have memories. :)

And tonight (nesting!) K and I worked hard to get all of her toys out of the nursery closet. I have a small checklist since I'm keeping walls yellow and using the same bedding. Starting with building a closet... Again, waiting for deer season to be finished!

And hopefully this is a step in the right direction. Ha!
Don't you love how I have all these cute, frilly photos and then a dead deer in the same blog post?

I'm proud of my husband. Actually I just know he will be in a happy mood when he gets home tonight. Haha

In baby news...
I'm 22 weeks today and feeling wonderful. I really love all this energy and I'm sleeping so good. My appetite is ravenous and I'm loving orange juice and buffalo chicken tenders. Not together! (Yuck!)
We might have decided on a name this week and I love it! I told Chris we should think about it a few days before we start sharing!
I love this part of pregnancy! I feel great and I feel the baby moving. Bonding has started!

We've had a great week in the Ryan household and I'm eagerly waiting for Thanksgiving next week!


  1. I can totally appreciate the dead deer! :) it's food on the table afterall!
    cant wait to hear the name! I THINK we have also decided on a name this week too but we arent 100% yet. J keeps looking "just in case" something jumps out at him but I am set as I LOVE the name! haha

  2. We have our tree up too but it doesn't have anything on it...YET! =)
    Can't wait to find out the baby's name. I craved buffalo chicken tenders when I was pregnant but I had AWFUL heart burn. Every time I ate them I knew I'd pay for it later lol.

  3. The BEST part of pregnancy! I think I'm finally going to try buffalo chicken pizza. It sounds soooo good. Love K's Christmas pic! Adorable!