Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that provides life changing surgeries for children. It is an international organization that provides surgeries for children born with cleft. Since 1982 Operation Smile has worked with thousands of volunteers to provide life changing services to children who otherwise would endure hardships having been born with cleft.
Read more about what they do HERE.

Did you know Campusbookrentals.com donates money from every book rental to Operation Smile? Being a graduate student I have spent a lot of $$ on books, so I’m glad to see that I am supporting a company that supports such a good cause.
If you’re not in college, you could still benefit from one of their services called Rentback.com. I’m sure you have a few college textbooks collecting dust that you could turn into $$ for the holidays. You can sign up to have your books be apart of the rent back program and make 2-4x more money than selling your books!

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