Saturday, January 4, 2014

28 weeks and Home Projects

If you follow me on Instagram this post will probably bore you.

Did you know I have a teenager?

Chris and I have become obsessed with watching Law & Order:SVU lately so while we watch that, K gets to watch Little Pony on Netflix.

28 Weeks!

I can't believe I'm in the 3rd trimester. For fun, here is a little belly comparison between pregnancies.

According to my doctor at my appointment yesterday I need to stop comparing pregnancies. I told her I was concerned about lack of movement compared to Kendall. I feel the baby, but not as much as Id like to.
I think a lot of this is from being busier with student teaching. I sat at a desk every day when I was pregnant with Kendall. This time I'm on my feet more and I don't have as much lazy time considering I have a 3 year old!
Back to the baby appointment... Adley's heartbeat was in the 130s and everything was good. I did the 1 hour glucose screening test and got a rhogam shot in the rear, haha.
I don't go back until 32 weeks and then every week starting at 34 weeks.its crazy!

I whipped up done DIY home decor on New Years too.

I made these fabric cover panels using parts of a diaper box and ribbon.

I glued some ribbon to these dollar tree trays. I want to paint the insides with chalkboard paint so I can write cute things on them.

And I made a little gallery wall in the play corner area of our living room.

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