Monday, January 27, 2014

31/32 Weeks, New Kitchen Island, Clothes, & a Playdate

Today I had my 32 week baby appointment for Adley! I'm about 31 weeks and 4 days and I am measuring perfectly. Adley's heartbeat was in the 140s and she was moving around during the entire appointment! I talked to my doctor about braxton hicks I have been having and what to do about my no sleep situation. She said I could take something to help me sleep but I think I just need Kendall to sleep all night. Ha! I go back in 2 weeks and then every week after that.
This is me a few days ago:

My brother made me this beautiful kitchen island. Isn't it pretty? I just LOVE it! It was completed before my pampered chef party Friday night so all my guests were able to enjoy it as well.

I just love this picture of Kendall. My mom and sister bought her some clothes and we kept wanting her to try on this cute little cape jacket. I had to bribe her with some Hershey kisses but her look is priceless! I wish I could pull this look off!

Saturday it snowed and our buddies Tara and Caleb came over to be lazy with us. I snapped this picture of K &C lounging in between the ottomon and couch and snacking on some cereal. SO funny!

Sunday was glorious! I woke up at 5 am worried and thinking about random things. Like getting a spot on my dog checked out and if the smoke detector batteries need to be replaced. Seriously? I even created several blog posts to schedule in the next few weeks. Ha!

So around 7ish I decided to get dressed and head out before my family woke up. I went and bought a newspaper (for the coupons) and a hot chocolate (for me) and hit up Target right after they opened at 8 am. I shopped until a little after 10. I looked at everything!

I purchased some stuff for me, the house, Kendall, and the baby. I was shopped out but I enjoyed the ME time!

We went out for lunch as a family and then had a lazy day at home. Kendall had been begging me all weekend to "go through baby clothes" so we looked through all the baby socks I kept.

I think Ms. Adley is going to do ok in the sock department. I was happy to find legwarmers, tights, mittens, and hats in the collection too. How I love having girls!!

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  1. OMG, you look so dang amazing!!! I'm jealous! And I'm super jealous of your Target shopping trip -- ALONE!!!!! That sounds like heaven to me!!!! I miss the Target in our old town, stopped there last night after visiting my dad in his new digs and just wanted to roam and roam - but couldn't, was getting late and we had the boys w/ us. Maybe this weekend I'll get to stop there w/o the boys since we won't take them to the hospital with us. Fingers crossed! Only thing is having Andy tag along. Might have to ditch him! Ha!